Clinton Supporters Totally Want To Repeal The Second Amendment...Because It Was Written A Long Time Ago

Posted: Aug 17, 2016 7:30 PM

Campus Reform is back, with Cabot Phillips asking Clinton supporters whether it’s time to abolish the Second Amendment at a campaign event in Annandale, Virginia. Of course, most of those willing to participate in these interviews were young liberals, who obviously supported the proposal.

The reasons for the elimination of one of our oldest civil rights ranged from it was written a long time ago, people are flawed (and it was hundreds of years ago), and because the value of life is more important than the right to bear arms. Yes, life is precious, which is why you’re all members of a party that supports abortion, but that’s a debate for another time.

Others were more measured in the sense that they would support a movement to repeal the Second Amendment, but wouldn’t know where to start, or what they would actually look like—a tacit admission maybe that this is never going to happen any time soon.

Nevertheless, while Millennials are probably the most pro-Democratic Party-voting bloc ever, they trend more with the mainstream on gun rights and gun control. They’re not lining up to join the NRA anytime soon, but they’re certainly not a demographic that is lost to the inaccurate talking points the Left spews out about the Second Amendment. On the other hand, a lot of Millennials’ political views don’t make sense so, as always, we must remain vigilant. But this is a silver lining for groups, like the NRA, to reach out to young people in gun rights because they’re not hard-core anti-gunners—at least not yet. There's room for successful outreach here.