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Snowflakes At California State University–LA Organize ‘Healing’ Space Because Ben Shapiro Gave A Lecture

If you head on over to National Review, you’ll read a rather hilarious story by Kat Timpf, where the snowflake brigade at California State University–Los Angeles have organized a “healing” space after the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro delivered a dose of reality during a lecture circuit sponsored by Young America’s Foundation. Folks, this lecture was held three months ago (via NRO):


“On February 25th, our campus experienced immense hurt and trauma,” states the description for the event, which will take place on Tuesday night. 

“Almost two months later, students are still feeling the emotional, mental, and physical effects that this event posed, and nothing has been done to facilitate our healing,” it continues. “How can we help each other heal and move forward? How were you affected emotionally, physically, psychologically?”

Here’s the real kicker: According to Young Americans for Freedom program officer Amy Lutz, who attended the event, most — maybe even all — of the kids involved in this event didn’t even go to the damn speech.

The event description also alleges that physical violence occurred, but Lutz went on to say that YAF and Shapiro definitely did not engage in such puerile behavior—that was apparently exhibited by some of the school’s faculty:

They [the students] also claim that “physical threats of violence were made to faculty and students” prior to the event. If you were counting Dr. Robert Weide, who threatened to “wrestle” students and called campus security on me when I dared to put up posters on a campus bulletin board, you would be correct. It was certainly not YAF students and staff making physical threats. In fact, it was quite the opposite, I personally was uncomfortable walking on campus alone, and the YAF students preparing for the event always traveled in groups.

The organizers of this event are quick to complain about the “emotional, mental, and physical effects” they claim to have experienced because, god forbid, a person with whom they disagreed spoke on campus. Rather, I believe that they were merely shocked to hear a different opinion on campus. They hear the same liberal narrative from their professors, classes, clubs, and other students. These students are ensconced in CUSLA’s liberal cocoon, unsure what to do when a conservative pops their ideological bubble.


Yes, from lectures to chalkings, liberal students have proven time and time again that they’re mental constitutions are as brittle as egg shells, especially when someone tells them that their feelings don’t matter; that getting hurt is part of life; and that it’s abject lunacy to think they can construct a world where they can shut out differing opinion through a draconian patchwork of safe spaces and trigger warnings. Even the most ardent liberals in America, President Obama and Michael Bloomberg, aren’t supporters of this nonsense. It may be the only thing on which conservatives can find common ground with them. College liberals, when the president of the United States tells you that you’re doing it wrong, that’s a red flag.

UPDATE: The Facebook page link to the snowflake event seems to have been removed.


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