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If there’s anyone who wants to debate The Blaze’s Dana Loesch on Second Amendment rights, I’ll say a few novenas for you–you’re going to get slaughtered. Like, Ed Norton bashing Jared Leto’s face to a pulp in Fight Club.


Loesch shreds Cosmopolitan’s “never date a gunsplainer” campaign, as insanely condescending, illogical, and inadvertently sexist since the publication pretty much said that women are “too stupid to own or carry” guns. More maddening, as Loesch noted, the women’s magazine took umbrage to National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre’s statement that the “one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun.”

“Apparently, women are less valuable than their potential rapist,” said Loesch. “And it’s rapists’ feelings which we should prioritize rather than women’s safety,” she added. She later takes this flawed progressive narrative on guns by saying that it’s a fact that men are stronger than women, which is why she trains and carries a gun. Moreover, she cites a Centers for Disease Control report commissioned by the Obama administration, which shows that there are anywhere from 500,000 to 3.3 million instances of defensive gun use every year. The CDC also said that concealed carry is a great deterrent against crime.

Recently, Cosmopolitan also released a video showing couples, where the boyfriend owned firearms. It’s mind-numbingly stupid, which casts those who support gun ownership (aka “death machines” to one woman in the video) as domestic abusers in waiting.


Folks, women gun ownership and permit obtainment is rising across the country. The gun industry knows female gun owners are the next big thing for the industry. It’s a fact. To say that women are too stupid to own guns, or “mansplain” to victims of rape, like in the case of President Barack Obama, just shows you how out-of-touch liberals are on this issue. It’s almost deserving of pity. The facts and demographics are so against them that they have conjured a new reality to fit their worldview, even telling rape victims that if they buy guns, they could still get killed. For some, like Autumn Parkin, training with firearms was the start of her road to recovery. I would love to see feminist groups try to make a case to a two-time victim of assault that she should disarm because…she’s a woman.

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