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Truth be told; I have no clue what goes on over at Moms Demand Action’s Twitter account because they blocked me. Fortunately, they seem to have left Jazz Shaw over at our sister site Hot Air alone–and he found this rather interesting tweet. And by rather interesting, I mean completely inaccurate and inappropriate:


Whoever is doing communications for Moms Demand needs to be replaced… fast.

“Our hearts are with the victims and survivors of the horrific mass shooting and violent attacks in Paris today.”

Mass shooting? This was an act of terrorism by the Islamic State against the French people. Suicide bombers were involved. In fact, that’s how most of the victims were killed at the Bataclan Concert Hall, the bloodiest of the six locations targeted by terrorists, because the gunmen set off their explosive belts after they had taken 100 people hostage inside. It just goes to show you that anti-gun liberals need to politicize foreign terror incidents to make themselves relevant. A mass shooting and a terrorist incident are both horrible events committed by insane people. They’re also completely different animals. The Islamic State attacked France due to geopolitical and societal grievances, which weren’t serious in the slightest, but no doubt these horrific attacks sought “to intimidate or coerce a civilian population,” that being the state of France. They had a political goal, whereas the vast majority of most mass shootings don’t share those political overtones.


Shaw makes a note that this isn’t the first time Moms Demand botched distinguishing between a mass shooting and a terrorist incident. In 2013, the group held a demonstration in Concord, New Hampshire, where they read aloud victims on gun violence, including Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev (wasn’t he run over by a car?).

Oh, and Everytown tweeted this Daily Beast article showing how we’re exactly like Europe in the sense that firearms in states with weak gun laws drift into states with stronger ones. Again, this was a terrorist attack. These guys would have been able to obtain firearms, explosives, and whatever equipment needed to carry out this attack. They know the black market. They know how to bypass the window dressing laws on a daily basis because they’re professional criminals/smugglers. We’re not like Europe when it comes to firearms laws (and thank God for that). Gun control advocates would love France’s gun laws since ownership is virtually banned, but call me shocked that a shrewd terrorist organization was able to, like, not honor or follow them when this horrific attack was executed on Friday.

Also, the so-called lax gun laws of the majority of states in the country are nothing like the black market situation flowing out of Eastern Europe [emphasis mine]:


France outlaws most gun ownership and it’s almost impossible to legally acquire a high-powered rifle such as an AK-47, so where did the weapons in the Nov. 13 terror attack—not to mention the bloody January assault by Islamic terrorists on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the 2012 shootings by a militant in Toulouse—come from?

The answer: Eastern Europe, most likely, where the trafficking of deadly small arms is big, shady business. And where local authorities find it difficult to intervene.

The French government and the European Union know they have a foreign gun problem. But as the chain of attacks illustrates, efforts to tamp down on the flow of weapons have, so far, failed to disarm terrorists.


Many of the weapons flow from Russia via the Balkan states into the rest of Europe including France. Russian firms manufactured the guns and supplied them to armed groups battling each other in Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo. When those conflicts ended in the mid- to late-1990s, the weapons remained—as many as six million of them, according to the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey


Guns soon became a major export commodity in the Balkans. Western Europe is the target market. “Many firearms trafficked in Europe come from the western Balkans after being held illegally after recent conflicts in the area,” Europol reported. In just one case from 2014, Slovakian cops intercepted a truck trying to enter the country with “a large number of grenades and firearms,” according to Europol.


Grenades? How is this a comparable situation between pro-gun and anti-civil rights states and that of Europe? It's not. It’s yet another squib load from the anti-gun left, though these misfires are always highly entertaining. So, unless we have a problem with Russia flooding our streets with guns and grenades, this is just a spectacular failure in staying on message.

Grenades? Are you people on cocaine? 

Note: Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action joined forces in 2013. Everytown for Gun Safety is also part of this Frankenstein gun control creature. 

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