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Time for Dede to go Bye Bye


If liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava's positions on abortion and taxes -- plus her close ties to ACORN -- failed to make her an unacceptable choice for Republicans in NY-23
-- calling the police on a reporter has disqualified her to everyone else.

At this point in the race, one can clearly observe that it is not Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman who might play spoiler to Scozzafava -- but Scozzafava who might play spoiler to Hoffman.  And that is a very real possibility.  A Democrat may well win this race.

For the good of the Republican Party, Scozzafava should end her candidacy today.  Her past positions -- as well as current ambiguity over her position on current issues like card check -- have rendered her simply unelectable. 

Had she run a competent campaign, this would be a harder call to make -- even for conservatives.  But Scozzafava's liberal ideology, coupled with her horrific campaign, have conspired to make her the potential spoiler.

Stepping aside would be a commendable move and would allow Republicans to coalesce around Doug Hoffman, who, by the way, can win.

Dede should bow out today.

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