VA School District to Record Obama's Speech (Won't Show it Live)

Posted: Sep 05, 2009 12:28 PM
The following email was sent out by Hanover, VA County Schools to parents:

President Obamas scheduled live address to Americas school children has been rescheduled to the noon hour on Tuesday, September 8. On the first day of school, this move will have the predictable and practical effect of touching a very small live audience.

Our complete energies must be directed to promoting a productive beginning to the school year for our teachers and children. It is important to support the establishment of new routines and a smooth opening at this pivotal moment.

The Office of the President is to be respected. This is what Americas public schools promote as a basic part of our curriculum. Therefore, rather than showing the speech on the first day of school, the speech will be recorded, instructional materials will be available, and the speech and lessons may be appropriately featured by classrooms electing to use them at a later time. This will allow time for schools to inform parents of existing opt-out procedures.