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Stand for Marriage Maine Delivers 100,000 Signatures

As you may recall, gay marriage was recently legalized in Maine.  Now, some Mainers are hoping they can have have some say in overturning that decision.

Hundreds of Mainers were on hand this morning at the Secretary of State's office to witness the delivery of more than 100,000 petition signatures, asking that the issue go before voters this November.

The group Stand for Marriage Maine -- which organized the petition collection -- says they are a step closer to allowing the people of Maine to vote on same-sex marriage. 

In the 2008 general, President Obama received a little less than 422,000 votes in Maine.   2010, of course, will be an off-year election, where voter turnout is usually lower than in a presidential year. 

In 2006, winning U.S. Senate candidate Olympia Snowe garnered 390,056 votes

As such, it's reasonable to conclude that 100,000 petition signers is a good indication that this decision might well be reversed.

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