NFL Should Honor Jack Kemp With Helmet Decal

Posted: Jul 27, 2009 3:06 PM
Townhall's-own Matt Bower mocked up what a helmet decal honoring Jack Kemp might look like.  As you can see, it incorporates his jersey number and initials.

Jfk15.jpg picture by MattLewis01

Considering the NFL will likely honor Steve McNair this year, I'm hopeful they must also be planning something to honor Jack Kemp -- who was a truly great player -- who also happened to be a great Congressman. 

At the very least, every team that was part of the AFL should wear the sticker or patch.  The NFL is a private business, and they can do what they want.  But it would be a very nice tribute to remember Kemp.

I have no pride of ownership here.  If you know someone at the NFL -- and think this is a good idea -- please suggest it.  If you'd like to start a Facebook cause, please do.  Or, if you happen to know the NFL already has something like this in mind -- that's even better ...
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