Liberal Columnist Eugene Robinson Rethinks Health Care Positions

Posted: Mar 17, 2009 8:56 AM Post columnist Eugene Robinson seems like a nice guy, but as a columnist, he is almost reflexively liberal.

That's why I was so surprised to read his column today.

Based on a recent real-life experience, Robinson seems to have rethought the liberal position on nationalized health care.

Here are a few key graphs:

The last thing the surgeon said to me before they rolled me into the operating room was, "You know, if you and Obama had your way with health care, it wouldn't be me doing this operation. It would just be some guy."

As one might expect, that realization seems to have had a profound impact on Robinson's thinking.

Not wanting to admit to a complete change of mind, Robinson goes on to rightly critique our currently flawed health care system (I may not agree with his solutions, but there is obviously a problem). But what is most encouraging to me is the Robinson essentially rejects one of the basic tenets of socialized health care -- the removal of choice as a way to guarantee "equality".

As Robinson concludes,

What's changed is that I also feel more strongly about the ability to make my own choices. I decided where I would be treated and, ultimately, what would or wouldn't be done. I'm willing to pay for that, too.

Liberals who are confronted with the truth are often so wedded to their positions that even the facts fail to persuade them. Kudos to Mr. Robinson for open-minded enough to allow this experience to inform his positions. (And special thanks to the doctor for working overtime) ...