More Pseudo-Fascistic Imagery to Come???

Posted: Feb 26, 2009 7:31 AM

As you, by now,  know, Obama's team keenly understands the psychological power of using symbols and imagery. 

So it's probably not terribly surprising to learn that some in the Obama Administration are floating this idea (from NYT columnist, Gail Collins):

Or — and I swear to you this is a real idea — inventing a kind of stimulus logo, like the old National Recovery Administration blue eagle, that could be posted on every federally funded project, as one official explained, “to show the public exactly what we’re doing.”

Let us skip over the fact that the National Recovery Administration is best remembered as the part of the New Deal that didn’t work. Because we are instantly fascinated by the idea of designing that logo.

For more on this topic, let me recommend Jonah Goldberg's book, "Liberal Fascism."