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Phony 'Adviser' Fools Bloggers, MSM

As you may have heard, several bloggers -- and even the MSM -- was "taken" by a phony McCain adviser (a senior fellow at a nonexistent think tank) who called himself Martin Eisenstadt

I'm sure some conservatives will use this as an opportunity to beat up on the MSM, but I'm probably a bit more understanding of this.  Because of the 24-hour news cycle in which we live, I think it is understandable -- and even to be expected -- that this sort of thing should happen.  Bloggers and reporters get taken by these comedians and con artists, simply because of the competitive need to "scoop" everyone else and "break" news.  The days of waiting for the morning paper to come out are over.

... I do think that MSM reporters who were quick to mock Sarah Palin for accepting a "prank call" should now understand that this sort of thing can happen to anybody...

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