Obama's Internal Polls Show Statistical Tie in PA?

Posted: Oct 22, 2008 11:22 AM
This is a bit of old news, but I just found it it today. Apparently, an Obama staffer in Pennsylvania made a bit of a goof last week. An email was sent to supporters indicating that internal polls show Obama leading by only two percent in PA, and a local talk show host was on the email list. Of course, the State Communications Director for the campaign went on the radio and said that the staffer made the whole thing up as a way of motivating volunteers. However, he didn't say anything about what their polling really shows. Maybe numbers like this are the reason that McCain is refusing to give up on Pennsylvania.

It could be nothing, but it was important enough for at least one Daily Kos poster to declare war on the story:

"We need to get on this story as soon as possible before it spreads any further. I don't want them to have any hope left, Let's crush their spirits!"

Music to my ears.