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Media More Likely to Link to Liberal Blogs

Have you noticed that liberal blogs get more love than conservative blogs?  Me, too.  But until recently, this notion was purely anecdotal.  Fortunately, a few tech geeks came up with a bright idea to demonstrate biases.  They "used a recommendation algorithm to score every blog on Memeorandum based on their linking activity in the last three months."  

Then they wrote a script to demonstrate their political biases (based on their "linking activity").  In short, liberal blogs show up blue, while conservative blogs are red.  

Patrick Ruffini (a self-confessed "proud geek") installed the script -- and you probably won't be surprised by what he found:  

"Look at the colors assigned to MSM sources and media-sponsored campaign blogs. Every single one that I could see -- except for Yahoo News in a separate link -- is colored blue."

Here's what Ruffini is talking about:

More Ruffini:  "The New York Times and the AP are colored in the darkest shade of blue, along with Talking Points Memo:"

Ruffini also notes some disappointing info about two of my favorite bloggers:

"Even MSM bloggers I really like Jonathan Martin and Marc Ambinder (not included here, but the blue coloring was spotted in the wild) are colored blue. And though Martin is not a partisan, he did briefly work for National Review and covered the Republican primaries, so he should link to conservative blogs more than most."

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