Viva La White Girl

Posted: Sep 10, 2008 8:55 AM
Thought:  In a world where too many young ladies admire "mean girls" like Paris, Britney, and Lindsay, how cool is it that we have an attractive and successful young woman for girls to look up to?  

... Regardless of whether or not McCain/Palin wins, I can't help but think that Palin's candidacy will be an extremely positive development for today's young women -- just as Obama is a positive role model for young African American males who will hopefully look to him for inspiration, as opposed to an athelete or rapper, etc. 

Let's be honest, most female leaders of the present simply cannot appeal to today's girls (though I could make a good argument for past leaders such as Margaret Thatcher or even Clare Boothe Luce). 

I can't, for example, imagine a 12-year old wanting to grow up to be Barbara Mikulski -- but I can see Palin inspiring an entire generation of young ladies to grow up to be young ladies ...