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Netroots Praises Adam Brickley's "Draft Sarah Palin" Blog

The liberal Daily Kos has an astonishingly favorable post up about Townahll intern Adam Brickley -- the blogger behind the "Draft Sarah Palin" movement:

Did the Draft Palin blog have any impact in Palin's ultimate selection by John McCain?  For starters, Sarah Palin called Brickley Friday evening to thank him for his efforts.  

... In short, whatever the merits of the Palin selection - and I think she's an atrocious choice ... it looks like, once again, the blogosphere has demonstrated that it can wield and outsized influence, whether it's the progressive netroots or the conservative "rightosphere."  Congratulations to Adam Brickley for taking the initiative and getting involved in his nation's politics.  

Also, (reluctant, frustrated) compliments to the Republicans, who unlike the Democrats actually nurture and support their rising grassroots/netroots stars. In this case, according to Slate, Brickley "receives a $7,500 Ronald Reagan College Leaders scholarship annually from the conservative Phillips Foundation."  It's not often you read about progressive bloggers, grassroots and netroots activists being supported like that, and as Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong write in "Crashing the Gate," that's a huge mistake. Why hasn't this been fixed yet? Chairman Dean?

... I'm really struck by how much publicity Brickley is getting - tons! - compared to how much publicity Josh Chernila, Lee Diamond, Corey Hernandez and I received - none! - after the "Draft James Webb" movement succeeded and Webb threw his hat in the ring in February 2006.  What's THAT all about?  


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