Media Misses Palin Mystery

Posted: Aug 29, 2008 11:20 AM


We've been through a crazy coulpe of weeks, and it's interesting to reflect on how this story crept up on most of the national media.  There have been many examples of stories that turned out to be either false or misleading.  Here are a few ...

What happened to the story from last night that: "GOP members told to expect traditional pick"?  Palin's surely not a "traditional pick"

... It was about as correct as the big story that Colin Powell would be Obama's veep

... And don't forget the report that two sources said McCain had settled on Romney. ... Or the people who essentially called it for Pawlenty.

This shows that 1). McCain's team was very good at keeping all of us guessing, 2). They probably are intentionally feeding reporters and bloggers misinformation, and 3).  Prognostication is fun but always be skeptical ...