All <em>Signs</em> Point to P-A-W-L-E-N-T-Y!

Posted: Aug 27, 2008 4:49 PM
A reliable "insider" source of mine sends along this email. (I've changed the gender to protect the innocent) ...

"Hey so my spouse is at the GOP Convention already and said he/she saw a McCain sign with room for eight letters for the VP name. Might mean nothing but thought I would give you the inside scoop."
Note:  This is a reliable source and the spouse is in a position to see such a sign.

Hmm.  Let's see ...

... Romney (6)
... Palin (4)
... Lieberman (9)
... Ridge (5)
... Pawlenty (8)

Could it be that the sign must be big enough for at least eight letters?  Or is this the "tell-tale" sign???   Eight is enough ... Stay tuned...

Update:  Or could it possibly be ... Huckabee (8) ???

Update:   Huckabee is eight, so is Giuliani.  Both are possible, but I think Pawlenty is far more likely ... but that's just me.

UPDATE:  My source just talked to the spouse for clarification on exactly what the sign looks like.  Apparently, this is what is on the sign:

"McCain / X X X X X X X X"
(... McCain and eight X's.)

This could be something like "Romney!!" or (if my hunch is correct), "Pawlenty."

Or, the place-holders could mean absolutely nothing.  The fact that there are eight X's might be a mere coincidence.  But that seems unlikely to me...