The Recycled Anti-Romney Story ...

Posted: Jul 29, 2008 5:24 PM

As Allah Pundit points out, this story is nothing new.   I was on Fox talking about this exact same story back in early April.  So why has the Washington Times recycled the story?  One possibility is that the reporter (and editor) missed it the first time, but a more likely scenario is the fact that "veep" speculation is nearing apogee has made this story "newsworthy" again. 

... Except it's not.  A bogus story isn't better the second time around.

Mitt Romney is not a perfect running mate pick, but reports of massive evangelical angst over his potential selection are highly suspect.  My guess is that this is not a grassroots effort, but rather merely "astroturf."  Most likely, this story is not the product of rank-and-file organic evangelical angst, but rather an invention of the Mike Huckabee forces (who, by the way, are more likely to "pitch" the story to a Washington Times reporter ...)

Sure, there might be some anti-Mormon votes out there -- but the threat that he would cost McCain 5-7 percent of the vote seems purely hysterical to me.  A more legitimate concern about Mitt Romney is his fairly recent conversion to the pro-Life cause.  But I'm suspicious that this is the rationale behind the anti-Romney forces.  After all, if they are concerned about the life issue -- as I am -- why not use their clout to focus on stopping Tom Ridge?

Romney should be considered if McCain believes he can help win states like Michigan, as well as help with the economy and fundraising.  He may -- or may not -- be a good pick.  But make no mistake; the attacks on him are not "spontaneous" ...