Just Say It? So Profound ...

Posted: Jul 09, 2008 6:18 PM
Jonathan Martin writes:

A gentleman at McCain's town hall meeting in Ohio, speaking with an accent more Appalachian than Midwestern, used his turn at the mic to offer a suggestion on how to rebut the Democrats' charge that the GOP nominee represents a continuation of President Bush.

"Read my lips, I am not the third term of Bush," the questioner offered, drawing applause and laughs from a largely conservative crowd.

McCain, smiling, paced around a bit and banged his wireless mic against his fist until the claps died down.

"I had not thought of it exactly in those terms," he said wrly.

I know this is funny and simple -- but it is also exactly what McCain should do.  Yet another questioner at a McCain Town Hall meeting says something smart. 

Forget the consultants ... "Give this fan a contract!"