A Very Good Speech ...

Posted: Jul 03, 2008 11:02 AM

I think Fred just gave a terrific speech at the National Right to Life Convention (video to come). 

One line -- which I don't believe were in his prepared remarks -- drew quite a bit of laughter:  "I'm getting pretty good media coverage now that I've gotten out of the race," he said.

During his official remarks, his critique of Obama's "change" message was spot-on:

On a more serious note, we have long recognized the role change plays in lives. Edmund Burke wrote extensively about it in the 18th century.  He said that change was inevitable and when properly guided, change was a process of renewal. But it was his opinion that the man who loves change is disqualified from being a reformer because of his lust … to be the agent of change.

Remind you of anybody you know?

He also had some very kind words for McCain:

He is strongly supportive of sound constitutionalists on the bench. And he has been consistently pro-life throughout his career.  His life experience has prepared him to lead this country in the troubled times we live in today.  His life has been one of sacrifice, and he has exhibited the courage to place the interest of his country and his fellow citizens above his own during both times of war and peace.

Recently, Democratic minions, including former General Wesley Clark, have been sent out to denigrate the importance of Senator McCain’s honor and courage during times of war. Apparently Team Obama believes that just like timeless principles, character you can depend on is not a particularly important qualification to be President of the United States. They are dead wrong.

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