RNC Strategy: Show Democrats "In Their Own Words" Criticizing Obama ...

Posted: Jun 03, 2008 3:08 PM
I'm on a conference call with RNC Chairman Mike Duncan and Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli.

Today the RNC will release a strategy memo, highlighting areas where Obama will face problems among Democrats.  Most specifically, as Donatelli said, " … especially among working-class Democrats."

Part of the RNC's immediate strategy, based on this call, at least, seems to be to use Democrats own words against Obama -- to help define him.  As such, we will likely be seeing more clips of his primary opponents, including comments by Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“We’ve learned clearly … the Democrats are deeply divided by Senator Obama’s credentials and judgment," Donatelli said. 

Responding to a question about Obama's ability to form a new Democrat coalition, Donatelli pointed out that Obama has done poorly among seniors -- a group who always has high turn-out in elections.  Developing ...