David Gregory: This Doesn't Sound Like Scott ...

Posted: May 29, 2008 6:04 PM
It's not just Karl Rove and Bush loyalists who are saying that Scott McClellan's new book doesn't sound like him.  MSNBC's David Gregory -- who was a White House corespondent during McClellan's tenure as press secretary -- agrees.   He just reiterated that very point on his MSNBC show. 

As Variety reports, he said something similar last night:

On Wednesday's edition of "Today," "NBC Nightly News" reporter David Gregory, who covered the White House while McClellan was spokesman, said, "There was never any indication that Scott McClellan, either publicly or privately, held these kinds of views about what was happening at the time on the war, on Katrina, on the leak case -- which was his most difficult hour in the White House. He never expressed anything like this."

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