Sell Out ... With Me Tonight ...

Posted: May 28, 2008 3:04 PM

Tucker Carlson just made a good point on MSNBC.  When asked whom the McClellan book would hurt most -- Bush or McCain -- he ended by saying (paraphrasing here): McClellan will have a very hard time finding a job now.

He's right.  And it's not because there will be retribution -- it's because nobody wants to hire someone who has a history of double-crossing his boss.

Though McClellan appears to be attempting to "cash-in" with his new book -- if that's his only goal, it's actually a poor long-term decision.  What is more, if he is seeking to restore his reputation, he is also on the wrong track.

While I would not seek to compare Bush to Nixon, I do beleive that it's interesting to note that the staffers who remained loyal Nixonite's (Colson, Liddy, Buchanon, Safire, Ben Stein, et al.) seem to have fared better over the years than the folks who abandoned him (for example, John Dean). 

Now, if anyone could justify selling-out there boss, it would be a Nixon staffer.  Still, the public seems to respect staffers who remain loyal to their boss ...