Huckabee on McCain: "You're Not Seeing the Kind of Energy That You Would Hope to Have ..."

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 2:21 PM

Dwayne Horner, News Talk 660 KSKY in Dallas and Townhall blog contributor, caught up with Governor Mike Huckabee at a polling place in Dallas, TX this morning.

Listen here.

Of note, Huckabee implied that McCain isn't going to excite conservatives:

... That's my point. Is that some are not saying 'Boy you know of all the guys running for President he is exactly I was always hoping would be the nominee' -- but they're saying it looks like he is going to be the nominee so let's go ahead and just line up. You're not seeing the kind of energy that you would hope to have, that's what I am talking about. Republicans need to be energetic and show a real passion and that's how we win elections, when we have the foot soldiers.

He also said that McCain faces public financing issues that Huckabee wouldn't have to deal with ...

One issue Senator McCain has to face is that he may be at a point where he can't spend any money until September. And the Republicans need to ask themselves how good is it to have a candidate that has to go dark and completely disappear from the stage for the next six months? -- that would be very problematic. I am not in that position, I can campaign every single day, I don't have those imitations.