Email From Kansas

Posted: Feb 11, 2008 9:21 AM
Was McCain's Kansas a Harbinger of Things to Come?  I received this email from a Kansas conservative ...

Kansans liked Huckabee’s down-to-earth image, but most important, they didn’t like McCain’s liberal stances on immigration, tax cuts, embryonic stem cell research, and such.  It is clear from the results that John McCain must do something earth-shattering to convince conservatives to support him in November.  Sure he’ll win Kansas (that is, if Sebelius is NOT is not a running mate w/ Obama who I don’t see winning anyway) – but what happens in tight states? 

Also of note is the outright rejection of Sam Brownback by conservative Republicans.  His endorsement of McCain was seen, at best, a calculated political move – and at worst, a shameful means to eliminate campaign debt (as reported last week in the KC Star).  The talk of Brownback running for Governor has probably hit a brick wall…   

... The only county won by McCain was Bob Dole’s (former) home county.  When 76% of Kansas Republicans vote for someone other than the presumed nominee – over the recommendations of Dole, Brownback, their national committeeman and committeewoman, and the State Party Chairman Kobach, John McCain has problems.

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