The Romney/McCain Exchange Last Night

Posted: Jan 31, 2008 9:45 AM
I'm writing from the Atlanta airport, where CNN is my connection to the world.

The post-debate clips are portraying the McCain/Romney exchange as a wash, or a he said/he said.

As I noted last night, though the debate was heated, I think it turns out that nobody gained or lost from it to it...  No news was made, other than to say it was "heated" -- which probably means Romney failed to do what he needed to do last night.

McCain should get a bump today, when Gov. Arnold endorses him.

 ... And what's this I'm hearing about the possibility that Romney may not run Tsunami Tuesday advertisements?  Sounds hard to believe to me, but that's what CNN just reported, and I see Jon has posted something about it. Guess I better make a few calls...

Updated: Romney is back in the game.

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