... Dem Race is Close; GOP's Isn't?

Posted: Jan 08, 2008 8:21 PM

Wow.  We all thought the Democratic race would be a blow-out -- and that the GOP race would be a nail-biter.  Could it be that the huge turn-out didn't help Obama?  ... Shows you how much pundits -- even those "on the ground in New Hampshire" -- know ...

Could Hillary be the new "comeback kid?"  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, McCain's "projected" victory is a big deal.  New Hampshire is always important, but this year -- because of the compressed schedule -- New Hampshire is even more important. 

Anything could happen (it did tonight), but I just don't see how Mitt Romney (yes, I know his dad as Michigan Governor) now goes into Michigan and beats McCain.  After all, like New Hampshire, McCain won Michigan in 2000.  And like New Hampshire, Michigan allows Independents to vote in the GOP Primary.  And though Romney has strong connections in Michigan, he had strong connections in New Hampshire, too (having been the next-door governor, as well as owning a summer home there).

When you consider the amount of money and effort Mitt Romney has put into Iowa and New Hampshire, these loses take on a more profound meaning. 

But he has the money to keep going.  And if McCain can't win a Primary without Independents -- which is entirely possible -- the race is still up for grabs (that means Rudy still has a shot, too).