Romney/McCain Open Debate

Posted: Jan 06, 2008 8:08 PM
Well, the debate just started and both NH front-runners are already on my bad side.

Romney is playing a semantics game again, essentially saying:  I raised "fees" a gazillion dollars, but I'm for cutting "taxes."

Who is writing his talking points, Orwell?  In Romney's world, it's only taxes if HE calls it taxes...

Meanwhile, McCain says he didn't vote for the Bush tax cuts because he didn't get spending cuts, too.  This, of course, implies he believes tax cuts are an "expense" -- which of course, they aren't. 

Cutting spending is a good thing, but it has nothing to do with "paying for" tax cuts.

Stylistically, McCain starts strong.  Philosophically, though, his theory on spending and taxes doesn't hold water.