Campaign '08 Update ...

Posted: Sep 12, 2007 10:17 AM

... I noted earlier today that the today’s Washington Times reports Newt Gingrich is hinting he may get in the presidential race.  Also today, an op-ed in the WaPost points out that Fred Thompson is lacking ideas and specific details – a problem Newt never has.  A few months back, I wrote a column for Politico in which I argue Newt’s entry into the race would be healthy for the GOP, as he would force the other candidates to address some important ideas (instead of merely relying on platitudes).  Might it be coming true?

... The Club for Growth has launced a new website called Tax Hike Mike.  Meanwhile, the AP's Ron Fournier implies Mike Huckabee's little spat with Ron Paul, during last week's debate, may have been a calculated maneuver to prove he's "tough enough" to be president.  Well, it surely wasn't an "I paid for this microphone" moment, but who knows???

... Fred Thompson says that he doesn't go to church much when he's in McLean.  Fred -- check this out.