You Can't Hide Your Lying Headlines

Posted: Aug 17, 2007 10:47 AM
It's sad how often a headline is misleading. 

For example, if you read this AP headline (from today), you'd think that taking an abortion bill is 100 percent safe:

Study: Abortion Pills Don't Bring Risks
... What?  No risks?  Must be a miracle drug ...

Of course, if you read the first sentence of the article, you'll see how misleading the headline is:

Women who use abortion pills rather than the more common surgical method seem to face no greater risk of tubal pregnancy or miscarriage in later pregnancies, according to a new study.
So taking the pill isn't more risky than undergoing a serious surgical operation.  Okay.  Come to think of it, I prefer the way Townhall's Katie Favazza headlined the story on our homepage: 

Pill, Surgical Abortions Equally Dangerous
Why is this concerning?  Sadly, many folks just read the headlines ...