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Gilmore Takes off the Gloves

Ok.  Apparently Wendell is a liberal.  I guess FOX needed a liberal, and I'm guessing Mara Liasson and Juan Williams weren't available???  In any event, he's focusing on spending issues.


Thompson has a good line about how he has more than 1900 vetoes.  He claims to have more vetoes than all the candidates combined. 

Ron Paul says he would get rid of "the Departments" ... including the Department of Homeland Security. 

Gilmore is sooo glib.  But I like how he's swinging a bit.  He says he won't attack anyone at the debate one-on-one -- but urges us all to check out his website,, tomorrow. 

Wallace asks him about "RudyMcRomney."  Upon some urging, GIlmore goes after Rudy, Huckabee, and Romney.

Rudy fires back with: "I think RudyMcRomney wouldn't make a bad ticket.  And I kind of like the order, John."   He essentially says that it doesn't matter how liberal he is -- because he's better than Hillary.

Ahh.  FOX has commercials.  Most people hate them.  Personally, I see them as a break ...


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