Guy Rodgers' Op-Ed

Posted: Apr 12, 2007 7:46 PM

Guy Rodgers, a well-know social conservative who supports John McCain has written an op-ed ...

Why This Conservative Evangelical Christian Supports John McCain for President

By Guy Rodgers

When surveying the 2008 presidential field, I believe social conservatives should consider three criteria.

The first is the candidate’s overall philosophy and record – which begins with what I regard as the “non-negotiables”: Respect for the sanctity of life and the institution of traditional marriage. My foray into Republican politics began in 1984 in the conservative grassroots of Iowa, and since then I have worked for presidential candidates Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan and Gary Bauer, as well as dozens of conservative candidates for offices from city council to governor.

Never have I worked for a candidate who was pro-choice, and it’s not an issue on which I am willing to compromise ...[# More #]

Second, the next President of the United States will be faced with global threats and potential flash points at a level unlike anything we have seen since the height of the Cold War, including jihadist terrorism, Iran’s drive for nuclear weaponry, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Our next President must understand the nature of moral evil and be willing to do what is necessary to combat it; must be a leader who has character that has been tested and proven “under fire”; have a thorough understanding of and deep respect for our Armed Forces and the role they will play in the years ahead; have extensive foreign policy experience; and have a strong and consistent record of support for Israel.

And third, the candidate must be someone who in a general election can not only retain the support of Republicans, but be able to win the support of like-minded Independents and conservative Democrats. This was the Ronald Reagan formula for electoral success, and we should not shy away from embracing it today.

After diligent research, reflection and prayer, I made a commitment to the only candidate that clearly satisfied all three criteria -- John McCain. Senator McCain has a consistent, 24 year pro-life voting record, a record that has earned him a 0% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood. What’s more, Senator McCain has been on the record for years in support of the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Senator McCain supports traditional marriage and is opposed to same-sex “marriage.” He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, and publicly endorsed and campaigned for the Arizona marriage initiative in 2006.

John McCain has been a consistent advocate for strict constructionist judges, has been a long-time supporter of school choice, and has been a leader in efforts to curb child pornography and protect children from online predators. In short, his record supports what he said on Hannity and Colmes, “I am a pro-life social conservative.”

No candidate has equaled the military, foreign policy, and leadership experience of John McCain. Nor have they equaled his statesmanship, vision, and commitment to winning victory in Iraq. When McCain said that he “would rather lose an election than lose a war,” it became very apparent to me that he understands the consequences of failure in the War on Terror.

Last fall, I took a closer look at John McCain and his record than I had ever done before. I urge fellow social conservatives to do the same. Because when they do, I am confident that they will conclude what I did – that John McCain is our best leadership choice for President in 2008.