I Was Wrong

Posted: Mar 21, 2007 5:35 PM

When I first heard that Louisiana Governor Blanco was out of the race, and that former conservative Democrat Senator John Breaux was being mentioned as the Democrat nominee, I immediately thought it would be devastating news for Rep. Bobby Jindal.

After all, Jindal had been assuming all along that he would get to take on the weakened Blanco. But with a conservative "blue dog" like Breaux in the race, I figured all bets would be off.

Well, according to this, I was completely wrong to think Breaux still had so much juice:

"... the latest survey shows Jindal leading Breaux by nearly 30%, with 55% of those polled favoring Jindal and 25.6% supporting Breaux."

I am told that nobody really believes Breaux will leave his lobbying job to run for governor. That probably has something to do with the results.  And, there's no doubt that the numbers would tighten if he were to get in the race.

Still, 30 points down is a lot of ground to overcome ...