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Team Romney Responds to Globe Story

This is what the Romney team is saying about the Boston Globe Story:

Outside consultants routinely offer input and analysis – both solicited and unsolicited – on the dynamics of a political campaign.

The observations cited in the Boston Globe’s unverified document, reportedly composed by an outside consultant, are reflective of well-known or commonly reported observations about the current field of presidential candidates that have already been published in the media.


Strategists are paid to put together memos on campaigns.  Nobody says that a strategists' PowerPoint is Gospel.  Reading in between the lines, I think this is probably much ado about nothing.

This is a "sexy" story, in the sense that we're seeing the "tan lines" of a political campaign -- the stuff you're not supposed to see.  As far as I can tell, that's the only hook that makes this story, in and of itself, newsworthy.  But the bigger question is: Does this story confirm a narrative that is developing about Romney?   

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