Will Rudy Really Run?

Posted: Jan 24, 2007 9:00 AM

It seems that Rudy Giuliani's "unfinished" 2000 campaign against Hillary Clinton is still hurting his reputation.  In fact, several Republican leaders are questioning whether or not he is even serious about running for president:

"I doubt his ability to actually go through with it to the end," said Republican strategist Chris LaCivita, who is not working for any of the presidential hopefuls. "Here we are, it's the 17th of January, we've got straw polls around the corner, and they don't have a media consultant or a pollster yet? That's a tell-tale sign."

Until recently, I would have agreed.  But Rudy's recent hiring of RNC political director Mike DuHaime convinced me he is serious about running. 

In my estimation, the question isn't whether he's serious about running -- it's whether he's serious about winning.