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I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Medved's recent column: Hillary's Dilemma: What To Do With Bill. I particularly enjoyed his "Option 6" (you'll have to read the column to get the joke).


While Mr. Medved is correct in saying that Bill Clinton poses many potential problems for Hillary (which need to be addressed by her staff), if used correctly, I believe Bill Clinton could actually be Hillary's greatest weapon.

In my estimation, Bill Clinton was probably the third most gifted President of the 20th century (arguably after Reagan and FDR). Regardless of how you and I feel about his politics -- and morals -- there is no doubt that he is an excellent communicator. Additionally, I would argue that he may actually be the best political strategist in America today.

If used correctly, Bill Clinton could be a great benefit to Hillary (who admittedly lacks Bill's political sagacity).  His advice and counsel should not be underrated. (Of course, this assumes she can keep him on the straight-and-narrow -- which, as Mr. Medved pointed out -- is a big assumption, indeed).



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