Don't Go Linkin' My Heart

Posted: Mar 21, 2008 9:00 AM

I've gotten more e-mails from the Clinton campaign about this event than anything else, ever.

Buyer's remorse is a b**ch, huh?

Obama brings out the Bush boogeyman! Creative, transcendent and uplifting!

Gov. David Paterson won't raise taxes, he announced yesterday from the Days Inn.

State Dept. workers snoop on Obama's passport info. Politically, I'd be worried about this if I thought there were actually any Republicans at State.

Protectionism might deprive us all of nutmeg! Yet another reason to be free trade.

Oh, Obama's church also printed the Hamas manifesto in its bulletin. You know, because years of terror attacks on innocent Israelis is just the Jews' chickens coming home to roost, right?

Young Obama supporters: vapid, ignorant, but ultimately transcendent and uplifting.

Geno's wins!

Geraldine Ferraro: not so much with the white guilt
. Good for her.

Hillary <3s Heather Mills. Scandalous!

When nerdy Beltway social events collide, Helen Thomas becomes volatile. Be careful.