Obama's Volunteer Fleet in Virginia

Posted: Feb 12, 2008 2:40 PM
I'm going out in a bit to cast my vote for....Hillary, probably. McCain should win Virginia handily and unlike Rob, I feel much better about going up against Hillary in the general than Obama. Although I think Obama's a decent guy whose leadership might result in gains in race relations and other post-60s cultural wars, he's so very, very, very bad on the actual war at hand that I hope he doesn't end up the President without some serious rethinking of that issue, and he's backed himself into quite a corner to be doing any of that.

Obama's volunteer organization seems to be pretty strong in my area, from what I can tell, which makes sense because Northern Virginia is the headquarters for all those highly educated, very liberal, white voters he's been attracting lately. He's become the Whole Foods to Hillary's Safeway (click through for the metaphor explanation).

A week ago, I had a volunteer call me at my work number (I'm on the Obama campaign's e-mail list for reporting purposes) inviting me to any of three planned parties in the area. And, today, a volunteer showed up at my house looking for the former tenants (who were registered Republicans), so they've got a force big enough to target not just likely Dem voters.

It remains to be seen if I can cast a vote for a Clinton without throwing up a little bit in my mouth. I'll keep you posted.