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Annnnnnd, They're Off!

Caucuses start in just a few minutes. Matt's already posted our predictions.

I think Mitt's organization edges out Huck's insurgent campaign, as do Jonathan and Matt.

I've got Huckabee at second place, but I think there's a chance he could disappoint tonight. He's pulled a couple odd tricks lately and peaked about a week out of the caucus night, but I'm sticking with second place.

I picked Fred for third place over McCain just because McCain's been historically weak in Iowa. I don't think the surge there for him is gonna pan out in the end.

As for the Dems, your guess is likely as good as mine. I think Obama will take it, with Hillary second and Edwards third. I thought Edwards had a chance to surprise in Iowa, but with all the lower-tier candidates either overtly or sorta tacitly throwing support to Obama, his chances are getting dimmer.

Let's git 'er done.

I'll likely be on Hugh Hewitt's show later tonight. I'll keep you posted.

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