McCain on Trailing Huck: 'Life's Not Fair'

Posted: Dec 19, 2007 2:37 PM
All this from a conference call with the surging senator this afternoon. His comments on Time's Man of the Year and Hillary are great, too.

On the possibility of a brokered convention:

"I just don't see the scenario...Who's ever won two of the first three is gonna be the nominee...They're not gonna be able to buy media in all those states, so it's gonna be the earned media that makes a difference...if it was a brokered convention, we'd have to dig into the history would have to depend on who controlled the delegates."

"It's something for us political junkies to sit around and think about."

On his return to Iowa:

"I think it would be helpful to have a decent showing in Iowa. That's why I'm going back there. That's why we're spending some money there. We've got some marvelous people on the ground there...There's a poll out today that shows us up to 14. That's the first time we've been above single digits in forever.

On Time's Man of the Year:

"David Petraeus is the guy who should be the man of the year by any measure; Putin is gonna cause us a bunch of problems internationally."

"I don't think it's going to be a return to the Cold War. They don't have the territory or the population to bring about the military power of before."

"I do think he's gonna present a major problem for us in bullying his neighbors.
..He'll be a thorn in our side."

After 50 years of public service, how do you feel about trailing a guy like Mike Huckabee?

"I confirm again Jack Kennedy's old adage that life's not fair." (Laughter)

"His rise shows a few things. One of them is debates matter. He comes across in debates as the genuine individual that I think he is. He was able to capture a large undecided part of the so-called Christian right...I think it's still a lot of this undecided stuff..."

"I don't think that Huckabee has a lot of foreign policy international experience. I also don't think the Fair Tax is a good idea. But I also think he comes across as a genuine person that I think he is."

On yet another attempt on the part of the Democrats to cut off war funding.

"It's still incomprehensible to me to hear on the floor of the Senate that the war is lost. If we had set a date of withdrawal 6 months ago, al Qaeda would be trumpeting to the hills right now that they had been the U.S. of A....

"When things get better, things get better. Things are better in Iraq so Syria sent an envoy to Annapolis...I think things are getting better in the region because they think we're gonna stay."

"There are Dems who have a vested interest in this conflict and one of them is, frankly, Harry Reid.  And, Hillary Clinton who said she'd have to suspend disbelief to believe that the surge was working."

"I look forward to her [Hillary's] comment that she has to "suspend disbelief to believe the surge is not working."