Dem Debate in Des Moines: Thank You, Iowa!

Posted: Dec 13, 2007 2:34 PM
Bill Richardson stumbles: "I want to thank the people of Iowa for putting us through this...very good process." (Laughter)

Nurse Ratched seems to have softened her tone a bit, but the strict time limits are still in effect.

By the way, the Des Moines Register still can't explain why Alan Keyes was in yesterday's debate.

Update: Hillary is striiiiiident today. She's talking about rallying the American people to change the energy policy in our country, comparing it to Kennedy rallying people to support the space program. The rhetoric, while inspiring in theory, is coming off like a mildly ticked off lecture. "Why don't you stupid voters understand that we all have to get involved in exactly what I want to do, damnit? How in God's name am I behind in this state???" She sounds like she's feeling the heat.