Where in the World is Fred Thompson?

Posted: Dec 11, 2007 3:08 PM
So, we heard a lot last week was about how Thompson was "all in" in Iowa, out of New Hampshire, and doing a bus tour that would span the rest of the year into the caucuses...starting, err, next week. I wondered why he didn't just get started this week. Surely the campaign's not still stumping in S.C. and Florida when they've conceded they need a high finish in Iowa to make themselves viable, right?

So, what's Fred been up to?

Yesterday, he was in Florida, touring a Bay of Pigs Museum as a backdrop for a nicely placed shot at Huckabee:

"He's been a long opponent of the embargo against (Cuban President Fidel) Castro. He thinks we should lift the embargo against Castro, and I disagree with that," said Thompson, whose campaign put out a statement the day before attacking Huckabee on the issue.

...before Thompson's event, he told reporters in Miami that he has come to understand Cuban-Americans' perspective on the embargo and said as president he would veto any legislation attempting to lift it.

Thompson said that was a political move.

Not a bad idea to hitch himself to the Huckabee press-wagon in Miami, but couldn't he jump on a plane to Iowa right after? This morning, he was on the Glenn Beck Show, on which he didn't mention Iowa or being there, and I've heard nary a word about him since.

So, that's Monday in Florida, Tuesday morning doing a phone interview with Beck from I-don't-know-where. Presumably, he'll be in Iowa by Wednesday for the Des Moines Register Republican Debate, but what's he doing the rest of today?

In all the reports about campaign events canceled for snow in Iowa, Fred himself is never mentioned. What are his competitors up to in Iowa while Fred's "Iowa-or-bust" campaign lingers in the Southeast?

5 events

Some reports say he canceled three events this morning, but other reports say he made it to one in Council Bluffs, so let's call it three Iowa events planned for him in the morning, and he has two more scheduled for the afternoon that are up in the air.

At least 3 events (I'm including spouse events, since those are high-profile surrogates.)

The campaign has canceled "all of Ann Romney's" events, implying she had at least two, and Romney will keep one date himself.

The Obama campaign canceled 5 Michelle Obama appearances. The Clinton campaign canceled 3 Bill Clinton stops (and, Hillary secretly rejoices!). The Edwards campaign canceled has 3 events scheduled for the candidate himself, one of which he canceled.

Rudy and McCain, who have pretty much abandoned the cold shoulder of Iowa for the warmer receptions in other states, are fundraising in California and shaking hands in South Carolina, respectively.

The only mention I can find of Fred's campaign at all is that surrogate Mary Matalin canceled 3 events in Iowa today, which is encouraging in that Fred does have a surrogate on the ground there, but also seems to confirm he's not there. The AP's "today on the campaign trail" compilation of events doesn't even mention the guy.

So, what's he doing? It's 23 days until the Iowa caucuses...If he's going all in, shouldn't he go now? The Huckernaut says he better.

In other news, Fred leads Republican competitors in Wisconsin. Is that where he's spending his time?

The NYT list of events confirms...nothing listed for Fred until tomorrow's debate at 1 p.m.?