Letters from Liberals (Content Warning for Rough Language and Idiocy)

Posted: Sep 04, 2007 9:50 AM
Yesterday was a big day for them. I'll start with the one I got right before I went to bed last night, subject line: Texas Straw Poll. Maybe you can discern for me what this has to do with the straw poll.
Absolutely dispicable. How much did this administration pay you for endorsing this travesty in Iraq. You know Mary from the 1.5 million killed there in the last 10 years and the scenes on European Cable it looks bad. The woman and children killed, maimed is the worst I think. Your a supporter of this travesty, grab a gun and go chickenhawk. Maybe one of your kids. Then YOU can sit in your empty house wondering when/if they make that call you dread. FUCK YOU you sell out piece of shit! Anyone that can endorse the methodical genocide of a people is filth. PERIOD!
And, then a couple of delightful e-mails from a new liberal friend of mine, sent throughout the day yesterday. In response to my appearance on CNN Sunday night, I get this:

Typical female conservative. No brains, usually fake tits and got all her facts wrong!

 His RUV's are hybrids!
He meant "SUVs," and he's talking about John Edwards. They never are the greatest spellers. I rarely write back to the rude ones, but I was in a kicky mood:
The Chrysler Pacifica is NOT a hybrid, so that would make you wrong. You,
liberal male, are whiny, classless, and misogynistic. You do your side no
good talking about people's tits. Have a good one.
John Edwards has two SUVs, according to his own campaign, only one of which is hybrid. My correspondent responded several times to that short note:
And I love when you spew your one sided logic.
"Report: Sen. Larry Craig, arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct in a men's
airport bathroom in June.

Facts the media will not let you miss: He's a Republican. He's married. He's

           I have seen the same bullshit come out of you whenever given the
chance! You are a one-sided, misguided, very immature little girl. When you
grow up and really see how the really world works. Maybe then I'll continue
our debate!
  You just don't get it!
Uh, dude. It's not a debate when you start it with talking about my "tits." Rule of thumb. And, again:
And why in the world would you consider a liberal male a woman
hater? Because unsecurities in this lopsided world about breast size seems
to be what a woman thinks her worth is. Her tit size! Only you could AGAIN
get something wrong.
   You seem to do this a lot!
Liberal men hate being called misogynists when they're acting like misogynists. "But, I'm liberal. I can't be one!" Me again:
Um, I don't know...I reckon it was the wholly irrelevant mention of
breasts in your first missive while addressing an unrelated
political disagreement. You're wrong again, but thanks for playing, Joel.
Being liberal doesn't automatically protect you from being a sexist ass. You
seem to do it a lot.

 Also, it's "insecurity," not "unsecurity." Wrong again!

Have a good one.
And, the valiant Joel again:
Only a pompous ass would make such a thing about a word getting past the
Spellchecker button. And then act like it was a major thing. (O sorry, that
is a conservative trait!) Yet not have the moral being of a slug to address
the fact that she's a liar! You were a joke this morning. Now you're a joke
this afternoon!
    You are a liar, and I won't make the comment about your fake tits and
your INSECURITIES again!

     I only wish you spent more time in history class then English!
And, me:
Ha ha, try to calm down and have a good Labor Day. Take some deep breaths
and have a beer.

I have already addressed what you think is a "lie." According to the
Edwards campaign, he owns two SUVs, one of which is hybrid and one of which is not. Your information is incorrect; they are not all hybrids, according
to Edwards himself.

Go eat some barbecue and try to let it set in. Chill.
He wrote back once more to assure me that Edwards only owns one hybrid SUV, and that one belongs to his daughter, despite the fact that every news report had the Edwards campaign conceding he owns two SUVs. Mercifully, he didn't mention my "tits" again.

Yeah, I know. I shouldn't rile the trolls, but I was provoked. Ha. Hope y'all had a more fun and restful Labor Day than Angry Joel did.

Update: Oh, I forgot about this one, from the same guy:
I read about Michael Moore. How he only picks what facts support his
story. You call the kettle black huh? I heard you say "He has two SUV's" You
never once spoke the truth!

    So just like Michael Moore, you pick and choose what facts support your
story! You are no better then any other liar! And your tits are ugly!