Libby Follow-Up

Posted: Mar 07, 2007 10:20 AM

Stephen at the Media Blog is covering Joe Wilson and Co.'s victory lap in the media.

So important, Olby came back from vacation for it!

At Just One Minute, Tom Maguire debunks Media Matters' bad debunking of things that aren't really myths about the Libby Trial.

Update: Capt. Ed assesses the damage:

However, Cheney and his office will have to answer a lot of questions over the next few weeks, and perhaps some of those may be in Congress. The Libby conviction will present a major distraction for at least a while, and the Republicans will have to answer for it in the next election. That's not a demand by me, but just a cold, hard,political reality. Libby lied to investigators who were probing the administration, and he was not some junior flunky at a folding table.Libby was an inner-circle man, and this will hurt. A lot.

So, the question will be whether Cheney should step aside for thegood of the team. In my opinion, absolutely not. First, it won't resolve any of the underlying political problems for the Bush administration caused by the Libby conviction; the damage there is already done. Second, and more importantly, it's inappropriate for a sitting Vice President to resign his office if he has committed no crime -- and according to Fitzgerald, Libby's perjury and obstruction are the only crimes committed. (He's not charging anyone else,including Armitage, who leaked the information.)