Chicks With Guns

Posted: Feb 23, 2007 12:44 PM

Cam Edwards visits one of my favorite subjects this week:

And then there’s thestory of Suzanne Carson... Suzanne’s married and amother of two in the small town of Coalfield, Tennessee. Last Friday,about ten minutes after Suzanne’s husband left for work, she heard anoise in the kitchen. Leaving the bedroom where her three-year old wassleeping, she walked down the hallway and looked through the kitchen tosee a man trying to get in through the back door. Suzanne dashed backto her bedroom and retrieved a pistol, then ran back to the kitchen intime to see the door opening and the man coming inside.

Suzanne warned the man that she had a gun, but that didn’tstop him. Either did the first shot Suzanne fired. The man kept cominginto the home, closer to Suzanne and her children. Suzanne fired twomore shots before the man turned and ran out the back door. She and herchildren were unharmed. In fact, her three-year old child slept throughthe entire incident, though her four-year old son heard the sounds ofshots fired.

More stories at the link. They're good. You can see and hear more from Cam at NRA News. Listen to his radio show from 9-midnight on the site or on Sirius.