Road to Recovery: Bob Woodruff and Walter Reed

Posted: Feb 21, 2007 3:09 PM

ABC's Bob Woodruff was injured in an IED attack in Iraq, January 2006. He's now back reporting again.

The slideshow of his recovery is pretty amazing.

In semi-related news, Andi-- who has spent much time working at Walter Reed on behalf of those recovering there-- has a personal take on the Washington Post's Sunday expose of conditions at the Army hospital.

She doesn't want it to become a political battering ram for going after the Bush administration while everyone forgets about actually fixing the problems:

On any given day, youwill find hundreds of volunteers -- some visible, some not -- workingon behalf of the patients at Walter Reed. You rarely hear about theseefforts, unless you read milblogs, that is. So there's that, butclearly more is needed. Much more. Things that volunteers can't do.Things we have to rely on those in positions of power andresponsibility to handle. Based on what I've seen and what I've heard,it's my belief that administrators haven't acted with adequate speed,nor have they acted smartly or efficiently. According to RepresentativeTom Davis,

"They've been behindfrom Day One," said Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), who headed theHouse Government Reform Committee, which investigated problems atWalter Reed and other Army facilities. "Even the stuff they've fixedhas only been patched."

The fact that thisWaPo story is raising awareness should be viewed as a good thing.However, I am suspicious of their motives, and with good reason. Theadministrators in charge of Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospitalscertainly appear inept as a result of this story, but the subtlenuggets of red meat handed to opponents of Operation Iraqi Freedom makean important story murky to those who are rightly skeptical of themainstream media.