Fox News Offers Another Conservative Info-tainy Show

Posted: Feb 13, 2007 12:02 PM

Info-tainment. Isn't that a term these days?

A "Daily Show" for non-liberals on Fox News is set to debut this Feb. 18 (not that "The Daily Show" is left-leaning. Ohh, Heavens no). The "Half-Hour News Hour" is the brainchild of "24" co-creator Joel Surnow.

Someone at Libertas got to see a taping of the show:

The two stars, Kurt Long and Susan Yeagley, displayed none of Jon Stewart’s smug self-satisfied mugging or Colbert’s tiresome ironic self-awareness. Instead, they’re both charming performers with a strong chemistry who blend seriousness and absurdity in the same way SNL did in the heyday of it’s Weekend Update series.

I’m not going to review the show here. It was shot out of order and the few dud jokes will hopefully be edited out, and how it will all come together is anyone’s guess. But as a series of sketches, most were laugh-out-loud funny and brutally clever skewering environmentalism, political correctness, the ACLU, and many other liberal sacred cows.

It’s nice to finally have a powerful, outspoken producer on our side. I’m encouraged by what I saw Saturday and think Surnow understands there’s an audience out there largely ignored and ready to become a cash cow with more smart programming.

This looks like it might be the Kurt Long we're talkin' about, and here's his IMDB page. And, here's Susan Yeagley who hails from Nashville, Tenn. Like the sound of that.

More about both "Red Eye" and "Half-Hour News Hour" via Variety, which reports the News Hour has is slotted right now for two pilots, so get to watching, folks, if you're interested in something like this. I'm DVRing both.

And, finally, while I was searching, I found some changes in the Fox News line-up, which will totally throw off the daily routines of people like me, who spend all day watching TV News. Messes with my equilibrium when you give me my Bill Hemmer so early in the morning, and put him next to Megyn Kendall. Well-played, Kendall. Well-played, but I'll get my shot.