HamNation: Hold Onto Your Collards!

Posted: Jan 05, 2007 1:50 PM

So, the Dems are in power and suddenly the dastardly deficit, created solely by Bush's irresponsible tax cuts for the rich, doesn't matter anymore.

Why? Because now Dems get to do the deficit spending! Of course, the real problem was always overspending, but since everyone made such a big deal about the deficit for six years, it's only fair to point out that Bush has cut it in half three years ahead of time without rolling back tax cuts:


That's what my column is on today, too. Deficit Spending: Trendy and Misguided, Just Like Leggings! And, don't worry. Republicans are so not off the hook:

Of course, Republicans are far, far, far from blameless in the deficit debacle (I'd add more "fars," but I have a word limit). Given the economic growth and uptick in revenues Bush has presided over, we'd all be even better off by now if the Republican Congress had ever learned to keep its perk-granting, pork-proliferating pen in its pants, and Bush had learned to take the veto pen out of his.

If they had done so, we would not be faced with today's Democratic Congress, which is so all-fired anxious to take one of the real domestic victories of the last six years away from all of us to pay for "investments" in the "transformation" of America into a more advanced welfare state.

Thanks to Donald Luskin for the Krugman quote, and Bizzy Blog for some stats. Both are linked in the column, too. And, thanks to Justin for production, as usual!