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Consequences of the Duke Lacrosse Case That Don't Really Worry the Liberals Who Rushed to Judgment

Betsy Newmark:

Everyone, including those activists, should be concerned about the precedents that Nifong has set and the civil liberties of future defendants. If Nifong can twist procedure and lie to the court about evidence in a case with so much publicity, what might be happening in the cases that are not so high profile with defendants who can’t afford expensive lawyers?

That a prosecutor could carry on a baseless case for what seems like political reasons exposes a need for more checks on local prosecutors. Will the next woman in this community who comes forward to say that she was brutally attacked have a harder time persuading authorities and getting public sympathy because of the lies of one striptease dancer and one district attorney who wanted to get reelected? These are results of this case that should worry all of us.


Betsy says, if charges are dropped, the refrain will be "fake but accurate" once again. Sure, the lacrosse players didn't actually rape anyone, but the storyline revealed a larger truth about racism at Duke. Or, something like that.

She's right, of course. Finnerty and Seligmann will only be truly forgiven in Durham if they hop into the white guilt drum circle for aggressive self-flagellation with the rest of the city. They'll be asked not to sue anyone and to, instead, join in the healing process, which consists of talking ad nauseum about the "larger truths" their non-crime revealed-- none of which, by the way, will have anything to do with the fact that Durham is a little race-obsessed P.C. haven where the white and privileged and innocent were sold out instantly just for the community feelgood effect.

They'll be asked to look in the mirror and say, "Sure, you didn't rape that woman, and were dragged through the mud by everyone in town, but let's think about what the idea of your raping a black woman  told us about race and gender in Durham."

Over at the News and Observer, a local columnist isn't sorry about her rush to judgment. No, really, she's not sorry at all. She put it in writing.

A friend of mine sent me this website today, dedicated to the accuser's "struggle". Until recently, the site had been dedicated to the posting of messages such as this:


Dear Sister Survivor:

If there wasn't major substance to these allegations they would have been dismissed long ago. I admire you for your courage to speak out against those three arrogant losers. Continue to stand in truth and righteousness and GOD will undoubtly exercise vengeance on them.

Their bigoted and wicked defense lawyers as well as...alumni don't understand who is really in control of the three's... future, but those of us of great faith know who is in control of the outcome of this case. GOD is in control and He is the Sovereign Ruler of this universe and nothing happens outside of His control. What I am telling you sister is don't be dismayed by the wicked tactics of the defense attorneys and by ...alumni, because the battle is the Lord's and He says vengeance belongs unto Him and He will repay, and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD of the universe. HEBREWS 10:30:31

But here's the latest message from the administrator of the site:

D.A. Mike Nifong has indicated that a lack of evidence, beyond the accuser's latest admission that she cannot testify "with certainty" about her claim of rape, forced him to move to dismiss those charges against the three Duke lacrosse players indicted.

Nifong has indicated, however, that he will pursue the remaining first-degree kidnapping and first degree sexual offense charges in this case against the defendants.

Pending what happens with those charges, and ultimately this case, a decision will be made as to the future of this website. The previous messages that have been posted will remain for now.


Maybe the website can be the center of the healing process, led by Mike Nifong!



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