Merry Christmas With Political Presents

Posted: Dec 18, 2006 1:27 PM

So, I was wandering around over at Andrew Sullivan's place because I was sure he'd have gotten around to calling my church a bunch of gay-haters by now, and I thought I might be able to offer a rebuttal.

Sadly, Andrew is on vacation, and may not be able to get to such generalizations until after Christmas, but he has some rather delightful guest-bloggers over there.

Daniel Finkelstein has the five most expensive political artifacts on eBay for that political geek in your life. The list includes this beaut:

The seller of this item received "several tempting offers" when advertising it at $3.5m but decided to start again at $1,000 anyway . This is the traffic sign (edit: traffic signal, actually) at Dealey Plaza taken from the intersection near the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Brilliant eBay phraseology is used to disguise the fact that the seller doesn't guarantee that these lights were in use in 1963.

Daniel also provides his list of 10 things he loves about America without snark, without qualification, and without the patented Sullivan heart-ache.

10. The fact that you send your children across the world to risk their lives for liberty and spend billions of your dollars on it, even though the people whose liberty you are saving, including my fellow Europeans, don't say thank you properly

The vacation is two weeks long.